Leaving on a jet plane…

Flying into Switzerland

Have you ever flown internationally with a feline? Lola makes it look easy, while I’m a stressed out bundle of nerves contemplating everything that could possibly go wrong. Before you even fly you need to find out the requirements of the governments you are flying to and from. Because I am going to Greece it is just paperwork, a health certificate, that the USD APHIS requires to travel. Most of the time the animal is to be microchiped, and have current and effective vaccines at least 21 days prior to flying, and a helth certificate from a vet within 10 days of flying to confirm all this and take some stol samples, and then the USDA must approve of this paper work with a government seal, all before flying. Call and ask questions in advanced because the website is not very user friendly. Next is the flight, we only fly with Swiss Airlines because many of the other airlines require the animal to be placed in the cargo hold. Which is too much stress on the animal. Our vet also gives us a calming medication for Lola because she is old and the lest stresss on her the better. When you get to the airline counter they check all the paper work and send you off to the TSA. Now at the TSA we have to take Lola out of her carrier and send the carrier threw the x-ray. I carry her with me threw the human approved metal detector. Then we go to the gate. Pets always preboard which is nice because our carrier colapses. So it takes awhile to get settled in. Lola goes under the seat taking up all the leg space.

We travel to Greece often and this was a decent flight it was about 75% full and we got very lucky with space. The people in the seat ahead of us got moved to business class because of a cat allergy. So I took their row leaving Lola to sit in my seat with my husband. Its funny if I do that I get scolded by the flight attendants, however my husband is so charming they never scold him. Lola and the Hubby slept the whole 10 hr flight. I wish I could have because I was so tired. I’m a light a sleeper and a fussy child 2 rows over kept me up. We also had some scary turbulence over the atlantic I am assuming due to hurricane Lee but that lasted only for 20 min. Over all the flight was fine. We had a small layover in Zurich in which Lola got to stretch her legs. The flight from Zurich to Athens is always interesting. In Europe people do not line up properly so it’s a mad rush to board, but once on the flight it was fine. After 16 hours of traveling we all landed safely in Athens!

Not even packed an hour before we needed to head to the airport!
Leaving Miami
Somehow we made it to the airport on time.
Lola fits under the seat
Lola peeks her head out in Athens!
The window is open and the pilot is taking a selfie
Lola spreads out in the Zurich Airport
Lola sips her water in Zurich

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