First week recap

It has been busy and not so busy this first week.

The day after we arrived it was the Hubby’s birthday which I was not prepared for at all! I was frazzled from a month of remodeling, moving, and flaying I had nothing planned for him. 😱 Thankfully my mother in law took over, she went on a cooking spree, making all of his favorites. The man is so loved he had 3 cakes from 3 different people. He had a great day with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and family the best part was I had no stress that day either because I was not in charge.

Happy Man!


Gemista (stuffed veggies so delicious)

On of the best things about Greece is my mother in law. She is very sweet, very helpful, and so happy we are here. Oh and this women cooks. 😍 Like delicious healthy cooking. I may not be a fan of 100% of what she makes because she uses unfamiliar ingredients but I try everything because she is a wizard in the kitchen. The only thing they make that I don’t care for is Fish. It does look delicious just I cant eat fish unless it’s raw sushi.

BBQ whole fish


Fried fish

A few days afater his birthday went and visited Poseidon Temple, which is located on Cape Sounion, often called Sounio, in Southern Attica overlooking the Aegean sea. It is one of my favorite places in Greece. You can walk all over the peninsula and they have an excellent cafe over looking the water. Fall has come to Greece its mid 60’s during the day and low 50’s at night.

Poseidon’s Temple


Selfie with the Aegean in the background.

You can tell by the water color how cold it has gotten, it went from a brilliant blue and green to a dark navy.

Its all about perspective


We were their back in August when they had it open at midnight for the full moon and that was spectacular.

This was the coolest night we had to hike up the peninsula because th shut down the roads due to these crowds but it was worth it!


We also went to this activity called Escape Room with his cousins. In this game your locked in a theme room and your team has to complete a serious of puzzles that you have to complete to escape a room. It was so much fun!

Pictures are not allowed but these are the themes offered they have multiple levels of difficulties as well!

Some of the choices offered.


We completed all the puzzles and escaped the room!


The first week went by fast. We were spoiled with lots of love from his family, tons of much needed sleep, and lots of good food.

Simple but yummy


Restaurant called Meza in Glyfada Greece

This was so yummy! This may turn into a food blog because Greece is full of great food at a low price!

We went to a souvlaki shop in Lagonissi they had a super sized gyro.


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