Its my Birthday!

This week I turned 29 …….. again 🎂😘😜!

It is my birthday!! I was born on a Friday too! Its lucky for me!


I celebrated with my family before we moved to Greece so I was not expecting all that much. I was wrong. My mother in law cooked some delicious food for me. She made me Greek style potato and cheese Croquets. (So so good) Chicken schnitzel and a veggie medley dish. The Hubby made a wonderful leafy green salad for Lunch. Hubby also bought me macrons though at this point I was all sugared out and did not particularly have a sweet tooth left. I also got some cute gifts I was not expecting.

These are delicious


the cookie cake #toomuchsugar
I love when other people cook for me! 😍
The spread
These croquet are delicious

Later that night, my hubby took me to Nolan. A wonderful asian fusion bistro in Athens. To my surprise when we got their we realized it had just gotten in to the 2017 MICHELIN GUIDE. I am not sure if that means it got a Michelin star or what but the food is amazing. We ate a lot for only 80 euro. Which is pricy for Athens food (normally we can both eat for 10 euro if its Greek food) but it was in the center and trendy.

Simple desert coffee tart


Soba noodled with a Tahini sauce, crunchy noodles, sushi salmon and peppers
Veggies in Miso
Pork buns which I was like eh until I dipped them into that sauce oh it was yummy!
Delicious wine spritzer


Sashimi with cucumber shaved ice – so good
Gin and tonic with a twist!


The Drinks were delicious!!! We had a lot of fun and it was a good low key birthday!!



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