Fresh Market Day!!! 

So depending on where you live depends on which day the traveling fresh Market happens. We are staying close to the center so Market Day for us happens on Monday. It is an amazing farm to table fresh market. Everything is grown in Greece and most is organic or biological.  (same principle different marketing) If something is imported or otherwise they indicate it. Generally the Greeks eat veggies and fruits that are fresh and in season so imported items are rare. For example we did see some avacados but they looked awful. I miss avacados.

Fresh Fish, these sell out fast
All “biological”

There is also a bazaar potion of the market which is essentially products you would find in Walmart mostly imported from China but sold at a huge discount on the street because their is no actual store.



I have been told that the fresh produce you find at the grocery store is generally what is not sold at the Market. Essentially what I am saying is Go To The Market the earlier the better. However if you do go at the end of the day around 2pm the already low prices are slashed because they want to sellout and they generally do.


So about those prices remember they are by the KILO  and in Euros, which is about 1.1 to the dallor. For example if it is .50 Euros (51 cents) for one kilo (2.5 lbs) of lettuce that’s a ridiculous amount of lettuce. In the states getting that much organic lettuce would be closer to 8 – 10 dallors. Essentially eating healthy is cheep in Greece! No excuses for not eating your veggies in Greece.



The down side to the market is because everything is so cheap you buy a lot of veggies which you then have to carry home threw the hilly streets of Athens. You also have to really wash your veggies extremely well when your prepping your food, because they are literally picked and sent to the market. None of that washing and spritzing that supermarkets do. The eggs are so freash sometimes they have feathers stuck to them.

Organic Free Range – most expensive thing at the market. We also got a nice red wine from this merchent.

Market day is my favorite because all that produce is amazing, they have nuts, spices, wines, fresh fish (the street cats get real excited about that) and a rather stereotypical amount of olives. The only thing they do not have is meat. It is high energy and the merchant arrange the products beautifuly competing with each other. They call out prices and joke with each other. I have no idea what they are saying but it’s fun to go every week.



With all this delicious food of course carrying it home is a mission. So always bring a helper!


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