Renting part 2

Once you settle on place to rent you then have to meet your landlord. If they like you they will rent to you if the dont its a no go. Becaus in Greece they dont have background checks for renters. So its a big risk to the landlords to rent so they ask for 2 months in a deposits and 3-6 months rent up front. And the. The realitor gets one month rent as payment from both renter and landlord.

Our landlord if awesome, he took us out for  drinks as our initial metting. Then when we meet and signed the lease agreement (In Greece the standard rental agreement is 2 years) he took us out for food in Our new neighborhood and walked us around showing us where everything wase.

Then he asked me what color I wanted him to paint the house (inside and outside and trim). He arranged for workers to come and fix any and all things wrong with the Villa before we moved in.

Work getting Done!

He even asked me what flowers I wanted to plant in the front Garden. I who knows nothing about plants was like roses??

I cant wait for spring to see them bloom.

We also met the local Feline Gang.


Renting is alot of wok though, because in the next to week we have alot to cordinate. We need to buy lightening fixtures, order appliances, and buy furniture. Then we have to arrange delivery, and instilation of said appliances, by both the plumber and the electrition.

We have so much to do before we get trully settled in greece!

I realy like our landlord he is very helpful and on top of things. Hubby says we got an exceptionaly good landlord.

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