Our new place!

We looked at all different places to rent in Athens. We looked in the city center, tiny, old, but fun locations. We looked in the more trendy neighborhoods arounds Athens.  Glyfada, Voula (Ritzy), and Varkiza a top contender. Most were over looking the Aegean sea or set in the mountains. We finally chose A Town in the mountains of Kalivia.  It is 10 minutes from the Agean and those gorgeous Greek Beaches and about 30 min from the city center of Athens. It Has spectacular food, and is more relaxing then being in the city. Oh and we found an amazing deal. We are paying for rent what we paid in maintenance fees for our condo in Miami and it is twice the size. It pays to shop around.



This week we had our appliances delivered to our Villa.


IMG_5962We got Lighting fixtures from Leroy Merlin, which is like home depot but not as good.


We did not get anything fancy. Just things that would work and look decent. Though I would like something slightly fancier for the Master suite.  But I will shop around.

We then had to arrange to get the Plumber out to hook up the Washer and the fridge.



WWe found out that the dishwasher did not come with a cover apperently we need to order that separately…….


And our Laundry machine, that is  washer and dryer in one, doesnt fit in the designated spot, but I dont minde that so much.

As well as cordinating with the electriction to install the lightening fixtures and install the appliances.



We also had our custom master bedroom set delivered. Which I am sooo excited over!

Ok so Picking out furniture was exhusting. In America I go online find exactly what I want and order it. That is not the way things work in Greece. In Greece you have to go to the store and haggle over the price. We managed to get all the furniture we need to start with after visiting about 5 stores at a very good price, my husband haggled. My husband is amazing.

But the master bed was a bit tricky. See my husband has a masculine modern style of furnituer like this:


Nothing wrong with it at all.

However my style is Glam and Feminine like this!


I adore this, but no way any man would be like sure I am fine with sleeeping in an adukt version of a princess bed.

Now the rest of the house we found a happy balance of our very different styles. But in the bedroom we couldn’t find a set that was a blend of our two opposite styles. So my husband found someone who could make it for us. I am not sure how he managed to find someone to do this but he did and I LOVE IT.


I love this so much.

I was on bed rest when this was delivered because I sprained my ankle. Hubby told me the bed did not fit up the narrow stairs so they brought it up outside threw the balcony.

The Local Cat Gang came over, said hello, and tried to break in. They are quite friendly. Lola will hate them. These are different cats BTW. The one I am petted is a male with blue eyes and the other is a pregnant female.


I cant wait to move in!!


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