After 2 months of running around we are finally in our new home!

Our bedroom furniture came last week and our mattress was delivered Friday.


Mattress shopping was a challenge we went to about 6 stores and laid on like 50 mattresses. Shopped online, looked up reviews, asked Reddit and finally decided on italian memory form! Oh it is so delicious to sleep on!

The rest of our furniture will come sometime in December.  We are totally ok with not have any furniture until then.  So saturday morning we loaded up the car and took Lola and set off. Arguably a tade prematurly but sleeping on memery faom was to alluring!


When we get to our place we realized that we didng have a few necesities. So we skipped off to ikea and by we I mean Hubby and BIL because technically my ankle is supposed to be iced and elevated.


We each got a desk, a chair for the desk, an furniture for out balcony that we will use inside as a tabke for now, along with sheets, garbage cans and tools. ikea is the swedish walmart.


We used the washer/dryer combo Hubbh had to figuare out all the settings because it was in Greek. So that was halarious but we did it.  We threw in a frozen pizza for dinner and were pretty happy.  The oven is amazing i no longer care that its so tiny.


We had no utensials so we literally ripped the pizza into piece.  No worries though it was a great dinner for our first nighg in our new place!

A few day later Mother in law gifted us  silver wear, a dinning set, and some glasses.


Its Fancy. Way fancier then I pick out but I love it. I feel guily for useing it as every day dineing but our stuff is still in customs.

Also the most delicious bakery is within walking distance….


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