Sundays in Kalyvia

Sundays are delightful in Greece.

Many people wake up, get fancy, and then go to Church. Religion is treated very differently here then in the states. It is not just a private belief system, it is openly and happily woven into the very culture of Greece. It is something to be respected.

In Kalyvia the Greek Orthodox Church is literaly in the center of the town square, everything else is built up around it. The Tavernas, shops, restaurants, business, they are all built around the Church. The Church is not only socially, politically, historically, it is physically the epicenter of Kalyiva.

We are still settling in and unpacking so we have yet to go to Church. However if you want to meet who lives in your area, you go to church.

Then you go to the very famous Tavernas of Kalyiva and you feast. No exageration.

From all over Athens people drive the picturesque ocean road into Kalyvia for these amazing Tavernas. The man who built our bed said he would never leave Greece for any amount of money because of the Tavernas of Kalyvia.

The tavernas in Kalyvia are built up all over. Xristoforos Is a very famous one, so that is the first one we tried. Eventually we will eat at all of them…. we have time.

σαλάτα Delicious, fresh, literaly Farm to Table!

Salad is a staple in any Greek Meal. You always start with freash in season greens. Which are simply seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, a riddiculous amount of Lemon, and sometimes a delicious Balsamic Glaze.

Πατάτες τηγανητές, κολοκυθάκια τηγανητα, Τζατζίκι

Then you order starters. Many people start with fries and dips. Greece has many dips other then tzatziki but that is a favorite.

Τζατζίκι και κολοκυθάκια τηγανητά

This is my favorite starter dish, zucchini fries with Tzatziki.  Its lighter then potato fries, slightly healthier and much more delicious.

Tavernas in Greece are broken into to two types, Meat Taverna which is similar to a Brazilian Steak Houes on steroids, or Fish Taverna. Xristoforos specialises in meat and you order by the Kilo.


The chicken and Lamb are cooked so deliciously that they melt in you mouth.

So now that you are stuffed and have left overs for at least 3 meals. You are about to ask for the check but before you can they bring you desert.

γιαούρτι, κεράσια, Νεραντζιάς και λικέρ

It is an after dinner liquor to help cut the fat of the meat. Yogurt with sour orange and cherries in a syrup. It is amazing.


The yogurt here is so thick it is like paste, gravity has nothing on it. Hubby told me that this is because this particular yogurt is strained and strained at least 50 times. Oh and the place that makes this delicious yogurt that is only distributed in Greece? It is in kalyvia.

Another facinating aspect of Greek life is the cats. See people in Greece love them, they feed them, pet them, and let them run free. Most Tavernas are “en plain air” or open, they only close the windows, and doors in the dead of winter. The cats provide a service to the Tavernas, they keep them rodent free, so they have open access to the dineing area.


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