Our things have arrived!

So when we decided to move to Greece it was really spur of the moment. We always talk abstractly about ending up in Greece. Then when we summered in Greece, it was so relaxing and rejuvenating, the lifestyle is amazing. When we stepped off the plane back in Miami, it was this feeling of “I just don’t want to be here.”  You only have one life, live it on your terms in a place you want to be.

Not throwing shade on Miami but it has become stupidly expensive without improvement in quality. It is very much of a “what you own, OWNS you” city. We are not like that. I stayed because I had family their and it is beautiful, it is the tropics! It was fun in my 20’s but it was time for a change. So our abstract desier to explore Greece we set off to make a reality.


So we packed, cordinated, and moved our lives across the ocean. We shipped our things from Miami to Athens, Greece via oceanic freight. We are planning to go back to the states eventually so we put alot of things in storage. Basically we sorted by; things that are expensive to buy in Greece (electronics, car, pots, pans, makeup, skincare, etc) as to be shipped. Verses things not expensive or not needed in Greece, (furniture, paintings, high heels etc) and put that into storage. We cordianted our vehicles. Stored the motorcycle at my grandmas, and put our car into storage.

All within a month, which included hunkering down threw hurricain Irma, because we wanted to celebrate Hubbies birthday with his family. It was a whirlwind of packing, logistics, Irma, and visiting people around the states and remodeling our condo, yet somehow we managed it.

Now After 2 months of liveing out of a suitcase our things have finally arrived at Port Of Piraeus.

They sat in custums for a few days and then we coordinated a delivery company to get them to our place outside of athens.

Pretty sure the delivery company was a bit rough on our things. I was home with my father in law when they arrived and how they unpacked them was cringe worthy.

Nothing strapped down just precariously balancing on wood palets. Cringe so much cringe. 


Everything did arrive, although some things were banged up pretty badly.

The only pece of furniture we packed was a wooden box that is designed to hide Lola’s litter box got smashed. We shipped it full of her things those arrived intact. She was very excited to get it. Even though it was broken. I took the top 3 piece off and used wood glue to repair the lid.

I suspect the movers were the ones who beat them up or it happened when they were in customs because we shrink wrapped them onto the wooden pallets ourselves and this is how they were sent over on the boat.


It was not how they arrived although they did show up on the wooden pallets. 🤔 Customs was rough on our boxes one of them broke. But thankfully only a few things were damaged odly enough most of it was Lola’s.

We also lost the TV and I know this was the delivery company’s they were so careless I was livid. 🤯

It took me 2 days to unpack the kitchen, personal items, lines, and our clothes. I did everything but the electronics, that is not my field. It took the hubby a few days to get though all that. However we are 90% done now, all that is left is one box of electronics that would go with the TV we need to replace that has not come yet. Lola managed of course, she was very happy to get our things which are really her things.

We have a huge attic that I converted into my art room/ yoga area and the rest is storage. So that is where we stored all of our moving crates and packageing supplies once emptied

It was a good thing I got threw so much of the unpacking because as soon as I finished our couch came!

I love our couch! Its soft and beautiful and you can arrange it in many ways.


Option A – Lola approves.

Option B – Was my husband choice. So we left it this way because its artistic. We will probable move things around when the rest of our furniture and the TV arrives.


Lola was probably the most excited about our couch, she is a kitty that likes to sleep on plush furniture.

Things are comeing together!

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