Quest for my Visa Part 2 of …..

November 27, 2017

9 am and we are back at the police building to get a visa extension. We gave them all the paper work and we wait. In theory we should have everything they asked for.

Random street Dog chillaxing in the police headquaters in Athens.

Its rainy and awful out and I’m freezing as all the doors are open. I woke up with a migraine and it is so tedious dealing with the government.

They can give me a 30 day extension but they decide to only give me a 15 day extension.

Jerky cop in charge say he wont give me a 30 day extension. He also says I don’t have an appointment at some building to do something else. Which apparently was the first thing we should have done. How were we to know this information? Its not like its written anywhere, cause that would be too easy and this is Greece. Oh and he then quite snidely says it will take up to 30 days to get an appointment. So basicaly were SOL.

Now he could have told us this nugget of information sometime in the 3 pervious visits. I will never know why he didn’t. Knowing he can give us a 30 day extension so we can get that appointment yet he wont. I asked him in english why he wouldn’t do a 30 day one. I asked nicely. Now the sexist jerk does know English just fine, I have herd him speak English befor.  However he refuses to talk to me. He just blinked then shouted at my husband in Greek….. villager.

I wish him all sorts of Karma.

Lots and lots of Karma.

So much Karma.

I have an extension until the 10th of December.

So we go to the next building the one we have to make an appointment at. I do not know the name of this place. A guard is physically blocking the entrance to the office. Apparently no more tickets to make appointments are being given out. We have to come back tomorrow.

No Idea what this place is called but its the immigration interview place. (I think) If anyone needs a visa in Greece this should be your first stop as fair as I know at this point.

So then we take a taxi to the “ministry of Internal Affairs” the Government Building that will register our Marriage….. maybe…. if they feel like it, after we jump threw enough hoops.

At this point Its 11:30 hopefully we will get their by 12 and get a ticket. We somehow get a ticket so now we wait…. and wait….. and wait some more.

Luck number 82!!

Finally they call us. The stars must have aligned in our favor because they accepted our paper work. It only took 5 visit. Finally my marriage is registered in Greece.

Greek Orthodox Church across from the Ministary of Internal Affairs, it is quite beautiful.

However because I only have 15 days left, we decide to see if a lawyer can expedite the process because we do not have the time to figure things out by ourselves.

My hubby find a reasonable priced lawyer who can do things fast after calling like 30 of them. He request some paper work from KEP which thankfully we were able to go to.

KEP is in Kalivia which is a suburb of Athens, where we live. It is never as crowded as the Government buildings in Athens are.

He also needed 4 passport pictures of me. Which we found a place by our house to go to.

I dont have a pictuer of the photo store. (who took great pictuers of me BTW) So enjoy this street sceen from the center of Athens an area called Plaka.

November 28th, 2017
My husband takes all the requested paper work to the lawyers and the lawyer spends the next few days doing whatever he does to get me a residential Visa. I stay home to meet our movers because our stuff finally came!


Monday December 4, 2017

We have a meeting with our lawyer at 9:30 am. So we wake up super early, bundle up and take the scooter into Athens.

Of course he is late, it is 10 am when the secretary arrives. Apperently he needed to be somewhere else so he dictated what we needed to his secretary. All we needed was some noterized document which she give us.

All lawyers

The lawyer then tell my husband because we have all our  paper work in, he got us an appointment in February at that immigration place and that I am fine to stay in Greece.

Immigration Place

However I can not leave. Well I can I just wont be able to come back in for 3 months.

Which means no romantic Christmas get away in Bruges, Brussels. Which we already booked.

Stock Photo

We got it mostly refuneded.

No weekend in Istanbul.

Stock Photo

No possible vaca in Hong Kong which we were already planning for our anniversry. I have been before and I loved it so I really wanted the Hubby to experiance this with me.

Stock photo

Its ok though, those places will still be thier. Well maybe not Turkey because tensions are escalating between Greece and Turkey.  Its not the safest place, eh its never been a safe place, but now it is becomeing more unsafe.

Greece is a big place and I have alot of place i have yet to visit. So we will just travel in Greece until I can travel out of Greece.

So in summery I still have no Visa, but they wont deport me!

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