2 steps forward 1 step back.

Monday was an exciting day, our TV finally arrived!


I can tell you nothing about it because electronics are my husbands department.

Oh and even better, the rest of our furniture arrived from Entos.


Entos is a mid range furniture store based in Athens. I like them quite a bit. The quality is nice and the more you buy they offer discounts. As long as your Husband can negotiate like mine.  I appreciate how greek buisness are willing to negotiate on price, and I also like how they customize things like fabrics, sizes, finishes to get the buyer exactly what they want. America needs to bring this back.


The delivery men were also super nice. Hubby was out, so I had to recive all the items.  I was successfully able to communicate where to place what and that was a win for me. The language barrier is real. I have to step up my Greek Language skills.

Then because Hubby was out, I decided to start putting together our furniture.



The dineing room chairs were tedious to put together mostly because of the insaine packaging to take off.


Worth it though because they look nice with our table (also from entos but that was a prior delivery) and are SO SO comfortable. I had hubby tighten all the bolts when he got home so these charis are solid.

Next I decided to start on the coffee table.


I love power tools this was so easy to put together with my trusty drill. We bought this without seeing it so it was kind of risky. However it works with everything so well and is very solid.


This took me all afternoon so when Hubby areived all excited to get to work I was exhausted. I rallied and we got to work on the second bedroom.


The bed was heavy and it took both of us to get all the bolts into place.


Lola supervised and the bed is exactly what we wanted.


Perfect for a guest room. We got the biggest bed that would fit in the room. So any guest we have will be comfortable.

The biggest pain to put together was the night table. Entos did not provide the best instructions because typicaly they have a technician that come around and assembles things but we passed on that.




Its looks great and is sturdy but for some reason the tracking on the drawers isn’t smooth. It is so frustrating. So we are going to set that aside for now.

So then we decided to move on to the TV stand. Its basicaly 3 sections. The middle section went together pretty easily.

DFDA1AD5-1C08-476A-89BC-E65499FF22B6Loa helped as is her way. It has different tracking then our night table so I was able to figuer out how to assymbl it and the drawers go in nice and smooth.

We made a minor mistake with applying the finishing.


However Hubby managed to fix it.


Then I realized that I put the bottom of the drawer upside down.


That is an easy fix though.

Next I started to assemble the other two cabniets. They were in the same format as the center table so it was quick and easy to put together.


This is as fair as I got because we are missing eight little screws. Hopefully Entos can get them to us soon becauss I really want to be done with this soon.

The next day hubby decided to set up the TV, test the electronics, and its a fantastic TV.

Lola loves to manage us, when we do just about anything.


The quality is amazing. I may have been netflix bing watching for the last few hours. Its so cold here so its nice to be able to relax on a comfy couch and unwind.



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