Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my Family to yours!

Christmas Eve – For more pictures of our Furry friends check there pages.

Christmas Eve was cute because in Greece its tradition for the kids to go house to house and sing christmas songs for coins. That was adorable. The we spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws in Athens. It was great we didn’t have to cook or worry about anything. Though we did bring a christmas cake from the pastry shop. My mother in law loves to cook and is a great cook so she did it all. We had a really nice time with family and did our gift exchange then. We also got home early enough that we could still spend time together before bed.

Christmas Day!

Christmas day we went to my husbands cousins house. Oh my gosh can these ladies cook. Apparently they are french so the food reflects the decadence. Once again we were not expected to contribute so we bought them fancy truffles from the center.

They made ao many dishes! Half of them were on the counter because they didnt fit on the table! We felt spoiled.

I had a really nice time, even with the language barrier it was fun.

We then were able to get home in time to FaceTime with my family in the states and do presents with them. Technology makes living apart so much easier!

The only thing that I missed was going to church, in America they put on a production reenacting the christmas story, I love it and i missed that. Sure Greece is full of church’s but it is all in Greek. So while its a social outing, traditional, and beautiful I cant understand a thing. So I read my bible myself, and that way I still remembered the purpose of the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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