Celebrate Epiphany in Greece

If you don’t know what Epiphany is its a Christian holiday that is annually celebrated on January 6. It is a public holiday in many countries (Such as Greece) and marks two events in Jesus Christ’s life. The first event was when the three wise men, or kings, visited infant Jesus. The second event was when St John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

In Greece in the morning you go to the Church and get some blessed holy water to bless your house and life with. (For the new year) Then you spend the rest of the day with family and friends.

This is Paco. Paco is wearing his Christmas sweater and his security harness. He cant decided if he is here to work or play, but he is keeping us all safe.

It was a beautiful day so we all decided to take a walk to the beach.


Which is only a 10 min from (Hubby’s) Aunties house. It is January in Greece, so its in the 50•F during the day and 30’s or lower at night. It has been a Mild Winter in Greece so fair. I don’t see it staying this way but what do I know? I just moved here.

I love his face. He is a pretty boy!!!

We took Paco with us. He is hubby’s cousins dog and like the coolest pittbull ever. He is still a puppy so he does these silly puppy things, like the “I want it whine”.

Makes me remember my beast of a dog Scotch.

He passed away a few year ago, different breads but they have the same happy, bouncy, destructive vibe. Adorable really.

Lizzy and Samia with Paco!

Some of the more bold of us decided to go for a swim.

Samia and Dimis are the thrill seekers who went swimming. They stayed in for awhil. 

The rest of us stayed on the sand and played with Paco!

We took a few more random pictures once the swimmers came back . Cause it was such a beautiful day.

They also had these motorized hang gliders? I have never seen these before but it was neat.

Then we walked back up the hill and threw this amazing smelling tree full of flowers. That I am totally going to ask Hubby to get for our garden. We also got to watch the sunset over the ocean.

If anyone knows what this tree is, comment down below, smells simmilar to Jasmine.


This is the problem with Greece, the deseerts are delicious and at every gathering so HOW do you avoid them? Killed my diet.

Lizzy and Paco

Lizzy dyed the wool and knitted the scarf she is wearing. She has an Estore featuring her hand dyed wool and handmade products. It is absolutely gorgeous and so soft!! Check Her Out


Just another beautiful relaxing day in Greece!

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