My Happy Little Flower Garden

I am not the most skilled when it comes to keeping plants alive. I plant the wrong things in the wrong place so they get too much sun or not enough. I over water things or forget to water completely.

A green thumb I do not have…. however my husband does. This is fantastic because maybe just maybe his green thumb can neutralize my brown one. We decided that the front garden would be a Flower garden. Which is great because I love flowers, and in the back we will have a Herb garden and a Vegetable Garden.

So first I had to weed the front flower bed. The whole thing was a giant weed. I am not sure how that happened. It was an empty container of dirt then overnight weeds weeds everywhere. In a few days Spring hit Southern Greece with all her might.

Where did all those Weeds come from!!


It took me 2 days to get all those stubborn weeds out! After I weeded the front flower bed we had to go pick out flowers.

Not that I have any idea what I am doing I just ran around Leroy Merlin and picked out everything that looked pretty. As well as strawberry plants because they are so cute and who doesn’t love strawberries?

I got a lot of potted flowers. Which are very inexpensive here and some seeds which are just as expensive as the potted flowers. We also got some other random miscellaneous gardening tools. Leroy Merlin is kind of like a Home Depot with less verity. It is one of the few corporate chain stores in Greece, and very popular. However most people just go to their local home improvement stores because every town has one.


I planted all my potted flowers and kind of sprinkled the seeds, I figured if the weeds grew over night why can the seeds?  My only concern is all the community cats who were very interested in my planting activities might trample or pee on my flowers. I do not want that.

lets see how things grow because I am really liking my flowers so far!


  1. Beautiful flowers and nice garden! I’m not sure how you are going to keep the cats away from your garden. Maybe someone else might have a suggestion.


  2. I am going to look up natural cat deterrents because the community cats use my garden as a giant litter tray. I am fine with them on our balcony we feed them and have little houses for them. I posted pictures of them on a page of this blog. But i don’t want them in our garden.


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