Day Trip To Trikala Greece (Korinthia Region)

We didn’t really plan this trip it was spur of the moment. Very much a “Hey lets go check out Trikala” the night before at like midnight.  So their are two Trikala’s in Greece we decided to check out the one in the Korinthia region. It is a small ski resort based village on the mountain of Ziria (Kilini).


On the way we decided to stop and see the Corinth Canal. It is a man made Canal in Greece that connects the Corinthian gulf with the Saronic Gulf.

It is not as wide as the panama canal, however much prettier and very impressive. Seems like lots of thrill seekers bungee jump off of the bridge. Obviously that is not for me because that just seems like a instant migraine. It was neat to see and a quick pit stop on the way to Trikala.



After that little pit stop we continued on to Trikala. Now it is a beautiful and terrifying drive up the Ziria mountain. When I realized it wasn’t highway the whole way and we had to cut threw rural Greece and up a mountain. I though to myself “Natalie you have to let go of this American concept of Road safety.” I really should have known better. While it did kill my nerves going up the mountain. It wasn’t as bad as that time we were on the Crete Peninsula and my husband stuck his head out the window to check that our wheels were on the road and not off of the cliff. The roads in Greece are steep and curvy and can only fit 1 car even though its supposedly a 2 way street and of course people park on the side of these steep roads. In america their would be law suits and things would be roped off. In Greece you can literally play hide and seek in the ruins. You know, pros and cons. Really it was a pretty Drive if you ignore the possible instant death part of it.


So even though it is early Spring in Greece some of mountain tops still had snow. Seeing scenic snow from a distance. That is the perfect amount of winter snow for me. We get to Trikala and it was a real pretty place.

We ran around took some pictures and ate a delicious meal at Enastro Gefsis. It was mid week and most of the off season tourist come on the weekend so they didn’t have a full menu. However the owners were so nice they made us specific meals based on our dietary restrictions and oh it was yummy.

Then we decided to hop on over to the The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Peloponnese which is a UNESCO listing. I decided to drive to give hubby a break thinking it was all highway. NOPE the curvy mountain roads were terrifying and the Greek drivers are insane they pass on blind curves going 60 mph. Meanwhile i was perfectly happy going 30 and riding the break.


This theater was worth a visit. It has amazing acoustics and they still use it for live plays, it is that well preserved. Maybe we will go back and see a play.

It is part of an entire historical site of the ancient Greek city of Epidaurus.  It was beautiful to walk threw and explore. The ruins were mostly open and you could walk right threw them.

I love how Greece is full of so many ruins. Every where you go in Greece has something amazing and worthwhile and just special to see, from specialized food to ancient ruins.

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