Hello Spring!

The first day of Spring in 2018 was Tuesday March 20th!


Let me tell you Greece is in BLOOM. like over night everything turned green then the next night every flower bloomed.

Everywhere is green and lushes and the wild flowers are coating the world.


I saw a tortoise playing in the flowers along side the road on the back of the scooter. Can you get more spring time then that? I don’t think you can. According to the Hubby Greece is full of these Tortoise’s. I will try and get a picture of one!

Now in Greece people like to eat outside in the Garden. Which is a lovely thing to do, its like everyday is a picnic.


So we cleaned out our back garden, the cats supervised of course. Organized our fresh herbs into trays. Potted some flowers. We got some delicious smelling flowers. Then set up and polished our outside table.

It was alot of work.

Everday is a picnic!

But worth it! So worth it. We eat on it all the time. I kind of want to get some string lights and maybe see if we can hang the hammock we got in Mexico up. If not we will hang that on one of the balconies. Nothing is nicer then lounging in the breeze catching some rays.

After gym kisses fromΖωη

It is good to spend time outside. Vitamin D is good for kitties and humans a like. A daily dose is good for everyone.

We also planted a vegetable garden. It was a lot of work. Greek soil is rich and full of rocks. So we had to dig, sort the rocks, prime the soil and then we planted. Now we are waiting for them to grow. We planted a few types of lettuce, zucchini’s, peppers, and tomatoes. Oh and cat grass.

We also try to keep the kitties out of the garden because they like to play in the soft soil, but it is impossible. Cats have a mind of their own and will do what they want, when they want and we have three kitties. Three adorable naughty little kitties.


I am really enjoying my time in Greece. It is so different then living in Miami. It is a slower, life style. Less luxuries but a over all a less stressed way of life. I feel so much healthier since moving here. We have a car but take the scooter or walk most places.


I love our scooter. I loved the motorcycle and zipping all over Miamk on it. however the scooter is a more enjoyable ride. I cant wait to go island hoping on it this summer.

The food is so much better then what the states offer, for much less. America is better in many ways but our relationship with food is lacking. We rarely go to the grocery store because specialty family run shops are what make Greece so delicious.

Our butchers shop is a 5 minute walk away. I go weekly to get fresh meat. The owner, Demetrius, shares recipes and seasoning tips with me and always recommends the most tender selection. If I want something and he does not have it, he will order it for me.

Thier is a lady who sells the most amazing eggs organic, grain free, free range eggs in the town center. We can get 30 of them for 8 euros. Natural eggs make a huge difference, you can see it when you cook with them. I am now an egg snob.

Across from our gym we have this family store that makes gourmet yogurt, cheese, butter, rice puddings etc it is real specialized. Cheaper then anything you would get in a grocery store and much better quality. People come from all over Athens to buy from here.

They have weekly fresh markets to get in season, organic vegtebles, nuts and legumes. (See previous post)

Our gym is the most delightful place. Yes I said that, and I hate working out but I actually look forward to going. Everyone is nice and helpful. It is like you have a bunch of personal trainers willing to correct your posture at any moment. It has panoramic windows over looking the mountains and they open the windows so you get a fresh breeze. Everything is more enjoyable in natueral light!

America will always be home. No place is quite like it. However I am really enjoying Greece.


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  1. Very beautiful pictures! They bring back the memory of life there and oh how I miss it. I miss the relaxing atmosphere and peaceful life style that Greece offers. Enjoy!


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