Lola Abroad, an American Feline in Greece and her new Greek Brother Hedylogos

Written from Lola’s perspective

February 4, 2018

Hedy is getting used to being in the house full time and we are working on our issues. – Lola

February 3, 2018


Hugs and Kisses for Mommy. – Lola

February 2, 2018

The little beastie has turned into something of a stalker. – Lola

February 1, 2018

We got presents today! – Lola

January 31, 2018

Another beautifuk day in Kalivia – Lola

January 30, 2018

Mommy says we are makeing progress in becomeing friends. I say ha! She also had a ton of fun brushing little Beastie into different hair styles. – Lola

January 29, 2018

Mom loves takeing pictuers of me… and her outdoor kitties. – Lola

January 28, 2018


Lola and Hedy are getting along better and better! She still hissed and stalked off but now more growling demon defcon 5!

January 27, 2018

Lola is back to her adorable self. She is still grumpy about Hedy but no longer running around growling at demons.

January 26, 2018


Moms ok I guess but in still upset with her for adopting the beastie. – Lola

January 25, 2018

I dont like Hedylogos. I dont like his smell. I want him gone. He got a bath today. Serves him right. Mommy let me play in a pretty box. Im all grumpy because of the beastie. – Lola

January 24, 2018

The beasti played in the fire place and got dirty so mom put him in his room. I dont like eating near him nor do I like his smell. Im hopeing if i throw a fit they will get ride of him. – Lola

January 23, 2018


Still wont let mommy touch me! I mean she held me down to let the vet shave me and take my blood. The she tried to force feed me. Of course I wont let her touch me. I do let her get very close to me just to tease her though. – Lola

p.s The beastie got his first rounds of vacinations, gained a LB, and is flue, mite, and worm free. So they think he can now come out of his room. – 🙀


January 22, 2018


I will never like him!! – Lola

January 21, 2018


Mom has this stupid plan to get me to like the beastie. I wont ever like him. – Lola

January 20, 2018



Feeling good enough to moniter mommies cooking. Still wont let mommy touch me she made me go to the vets and adopted a little brother for me. I do not WANT a little brother. – Lola

January 19, 2018


Still sleepy but I am getting better. – Lola

January 18, 2018


If I see an empty suitcase I will sleep in an empty suitcase. – Lola

January 17, 2018


Mommy and daddy went and found a whole bunch of foods to entice me and I managed to eat enough to take my first dose of antibiotics. I hope my organs work properly and I can digest it.  Now it is 3 weeks of antibiotics and mommh needs to moniter my litter box to make sure im pooping and peeing. – Lola

January 16, 2018


I am very sick. I have a fever and am not eating. They took me to the vets this morning and they took my blood. I was not happy and they ended up having to sedate me to take blood. The biggest problem is the side effect of not eating after 48 hrs can cause organ failure. The last time I ate was 9am yesterday.
Mom tried to use a syringe to force feed me but I was to stressed out so I  threw it all back up in addition to flipping out. The blood-work came back and I have a parasite which is easy enough to fix I just needs antibiotics. But I cant tale them, until I eat and keep it down.

At this point I am so stressed from everything I keep growling to keep everyone away. I just want to be left alone. – Lola

January 15, 2018


I woke up feeling ok but then I got really tired and achy. Mommh said I got a fever and if i wasnt feeling better by morning I was going tk the vets.  – Lola

January 14, 2018


Looks like the beastie will be staying. – Lola

January 13, 2018


Spent all day sulking in my room while mommy gave the beastie my toys. Just because I don’t play with them does not mean I dont want them! – Lola

January 12, 2018


Mom forgot to take a picture of me. Instead she took the little beastie to the vets. I disapprove I disapprove alot. – Lola

January 11, 2018

Pretty sure mom rescued some stray that was getting bullied outside. So im ignoreing her and hopeing dad will take my side and put him back out. – Lola


January 10, 2018


Today was a busy day! I went to the vets office to get vaccinated for the Greek Kitty viruses. It was not fun but I have my Greek health Book now. The I helped daddy with his plants. I wasnt invited to lunch because it was meat free I am still put out over that. Then I got in trouble on the balcony. It was a long day so i napped in my spot on the couch! – Lola

January 9, 2018


This is my spot! – Lola

January 8, 2018


Selfies with Mom in the morning Exhausted  me. So I snuggled up on the sheepskin rug and slept all afternoon. – Lola


January 7, 2018

Over cast days means great lighting and every move I make is picture worthy. – Lola

January 6, 2018

We stayed up late waiting for daddy to get home – Lola

January 5, 2018

I can sleep on anything its a Feline Jedi skill – Lola

January 4, 2018.

Oooo the Sheepskin rug is soo warm! – Lola

January 3, 2018

Sleepy Kitty.

January 2, 2018

I love my window hammock. – Lola

January 1, 2018

Everyone is so busy today, I think i’ll take a nap. – Lola

December 31, 2017

I was helping Dady Cook. While mommy cleaned the whole house. – Lola

December 30, 2017

I don’t like it when Daddy plays with the outdoor cats. – LoLa

December 29, 2017

Why do they keep feeding those outside cats! – Lola

December 28, 2017

Cooking with Mom. – Lola

December 27, 2017

I look pretty at every angle. – Lola

December 26, 2017


Lola is a princess.

December 25, 2017


I dont enjoy pictuers! – Lola

December 24, 2017

Why is MewMew in our Christmas Eve Pictures?!?!? – Lola

Forced pictures – Lola

December 23, 2017

Mommy says that I am so extra that I have to sit on the blanket, on the couch. – Lola

December 22, 2017

It was a cold, rainy day. So I caused mischief inside. – Lola

December 21, 2017


Mommies in the attic so I get to explore. – Lola

December 20, 2017

Did someone say chicken!

It is starting to get nice and cozy here. – Lola

December 19, 2017

Cat loaf. I love my new couch! – Lola

December 18, 2017

I helped set up the new furniture. I was the manager and inspector. – Lola

December 17, 2017

I was cold and mommies coat was warm. – Lola

December 16, 2017

It was so windy today! – Lola

December 15, 2017

Spending time in my Garden catching some sun rays! – Lola

December 14, 2017


Mommy hung up my window seat!! Now I can monitor everything that happens in my yard!!!

– Sentinel Lola

December 13, 2017


I was helping daddy untangle and sort hard drives for work then I fell asleep. -lola

December 12


I am a little bit sleey today. – Lola

December 11


I am a loaf. – Lola

December 10


Snuggles with mommy. – Lola

December 9, 2017


I spent all morning giving that outdoor Cat gang the stink eye. It was exhausting and really hard work. Then Daddy interrupter my afternoon nap by installing a light for my mommy. They will not sleep tonight for this transgression. – Lola

December 8, 2017


I managed the construction of a water filtration system. It was exhausting work so then I took a few naps. – Lola

December 7, 2017


Sun bathing in the warm Greek sunshine is so nice and cozy even though it is really cold outside. – Lola

December 6, 2017


I got to go outside and enjoy some sunshine and then of couse I cuddled down into Bed when it got cold at Night. – Lola

December 5, 2017


I secretly like my cozy sweater but I have to be all Dramatic about it. -Lola

December 4, 2017


Dont interupt my bath! – Lola

December 3, 2017


What the heck is this?!? – Lola

December 2, 2017


Daddy keeps feeding those aweful outside cats this caused me feelings. Mommy and I took a selfie then I fell asleep on our new couch which I LOVE. – Lola

December 1, 2017


I love haveing our sheets from America! They are makeing Greece feel like Home – Lola

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October 6, 2017

Today was the day my parents finally let me out on the Balcony!!! All week all I have heard is “No Lola you will get lost”, “Lola its not safe out their, you can easily fall off”, “Lola what will happen if you encounters a Athens street cat? They will just munch you up!” 😡 However my persistence won and I got to go explore! Also I’m too smart to get lost, or bullied, or to fall off a balcony. Now climbing down the tree…..


Mom took this really great picture of me in the greek morning sunlight. I was thinking of going onto the balcony but the streets of Athens are so noisy because of the motorbikes so I decided to stay in the doorway. – Lola


I am the cutest thing ever – Lola


ctober 27,  2017

I dont know why I cant sit here – Lola


I was feeling a big pensive today so I got extra cuddles from Mommy. – Lola


Daddy made me Fish to pick me up out of my sulky mood. – Lola


I played so much I fell asleep on my catnip toy. – Lola


Market day means fresh produce and sometimes my humans bring fresh fish as a treat for me! – Lola



I fell asleep to Mommy rubbing my ears. – Lola


I played until I was tired and then I found a hideing a place and fell asleep. – Lola


November 4, 2017

Daddy told me all his secrets. – Lola


It got cold in Athens ao my Gandmother made me a sleeping basket which I sleep in every night, and bought me a sweater. I pretend to hate it but it keeps me warm and cozy at night. It is also quite stylish. – Lola


November 10, 2017

I keep throwing up so my humans are restricting my diet. I disaprove of this I want my gyro Chicken and Treats. Also I won the war for the chair. – Lola


I got a new sweater and found where the treats are stashed. – Lola


November 13, 2017

November 14, 2017

Today I had a busy day mommy is home with me because she sprained her ankle. Which means all the cuddles I want.  She gave me some catnip and my fluffy apple toy. I also killed the advil.


November 15, 2017

Today was a nice day so I spent some time on the balcony. My mommy says I am getting fat because I have trained everyone to give me food, like a toll, whenever they eat. So she is trying to counteract my human training very annoying. So I keep stealing her spot next to daddy. She also got really excited when I stood on square. Daddy is the only one who is allowed to hold me like this. – Lola


November 18, 2017

We finnally moved into our new home, 4 different houses in 4 months. I am over that! – Lola


I woke everyone up eatly because it our new place I wanted to watch the sunrise!

– Lola


My humans left me alone all day. Not happy -LOLA


Today was fun I went out into the back yard with Daddy, mummy taught me how ro use the iron stairs.  I almost escaped threw the fencd into the neighboors when mommy when inside. But she had warned Daddy what I would do and he caught me before I could go on adventure. – Lola


I followed my human into the elevator this am… it is not my favorite thing. But of them stayed home all day. I really liked that. – Lola


November 23, 2017

Happg thanksgiving! I enjoyed going outside with my Humans Today – Lola


November 24th 2017

I went to the vets because I had some sniffles and was snorting like a piggy. He said I have allergies and inflimation. He gave me a tiny little pill that I take 1/4 of morning and night. And said in a month I have to go back to get a Vaccine againt the Greek Cat viruis that America does not have.

The neighbor cat came to visit. I do not like him he is a pest on my balcony! – Lola


November 26, 2017

The whole house is empty which makes me feel exposed so I like sitting in the closets. – Lola


Mommie and Daddies Bedroom furniture came so now I have something sit on. Also elevator ride are spectacular! – Lola


November 28,2017

MY stuff finnally arrived from Miami! Mommy unpacked my box first, I supervised. The movers banged up my “litter box” box but mommy was able to fix it for me. Movers also broke my pretty dish. 😞 – Lola


November 29, 2017

Unpacking never ends. – Lola